Seed Swap 2016

At the seed swap we asked people what they know about subsistence. One man called it a lost art- we like that! Another old timer explained his family stopped farming when he was forced to enlist. His family had less than forty acres and his work on the farm was not considered productive enough for national prerogatives. His story is different from the official one, which naturalizes off farm migration by alluding to the use of mechanization.

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The seed swap is held in February at the community high school. Many people bring the seeds they have left from the year before. Others come to look and end up taking some seeds home to begin a garden- for some people it is a way to start learning about all the different forms that seeds take.

SeedSwap2016 monkey final







P1030028TP1030030his experienced grower gets seeds for his summer garden- he and his wife grow as much food as possible, so they can give food to their local food bank and their church.


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