Flyover Library, Social Center and experimental commons

Flyover is an ever evolving space used by people to learn, study and play together; a space where people involved in radical movements and counter-cultures can share information, meet and network with others.

It emerged out of efforts to convert the old Big Muddy Independent Media Center in Carbondale into a new and actionable space where people can conduct organizing meetings or hold events like small concerts, poetry slams, art shows, free schools, mutual aid worksIMG_0016hops and seminars.

The space features free zines, a people’s library, an apothecary, tea and coffee to drink and artwork on display. Those of us helping to keep the Infoshop active are also doing permaculture on the side, growing heirloom varieties and propagating edible gardens and compost projects throughout the city.

To spread the ideas and communicate the practices generated in the Infoshop, many of us involved in Fly-Over Infoshop activities also collectively host a show on WDBX 91.1 FM Community Radio for Southern Illinois, called The CounterpoIMG_0226wer Radio Hour. Broadcasting from the WDBX station right next door, the radio show is the on-air space paralleling what we are trying to do in the physical space of the Infoshop. Flyover’s website


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