KATALOG is an art collective using social and material research to blur lines between aesthetics, functionality, and activism. Our work is motivated by some principles and operating assumptions: Reparations, Social Mycelia, The Mushy Ground and Open Source Transfers.

REPARATIONS: We believe the use of science and technology should be guided by human need, enjoyment and deployed for the tender care of the earth and its atmosphere rather than the antiquated profit margin of environmentally unsustainable market capitalism. We understand that these same forces of market commoditization have worked to separate people from their experience of land, materials and each other. The goal of Katalog 10 is to merge diverse forms of knowledge and experience in practices of ecological resocialization. We enact projects and circulate speculative propositions for stylish and executable actions that address the gaps and contradictions that have contributed to our ongoing environmental collapse.

SOCIAL MYCELIA: We work with artists, scientists, engineers, and designers, as well as farmers, mechanics, youth, tourists and others. In our research, we ask questions about how it is possible to heighten awareness and demonstrate the kinds of social relations and co-dependencies between humans, plants, animals, microorganisms, water and soil. Our emphasis is on producing relationships rather than products, on reclaiming technological and scientific knowledge for ordinary people, and on the experimental creation of integrated appropriate human ecologies. We imagine relationships based upon sharing knowledge, information, and experience.

THE MUSHY GROUND: Our mongrel science questions standards, constructs and binaries. Customs, rituals, visual theory, theater and vernacular science are the fodder for reconfigurations of biological, social and economic life.

OPEN SOURCE DOUBLE DARE: Katalog 10 will operate as a forum and funnel for human agents to contribute and participate in the processes required to realize a visionary society. Our work includes the sporadic publication of plans, ideas, interviews and resources to be circulated and adaptively reiterated according to context and need. We make no claims for the originality of our material and encourage others to SHARE their information and to continue circulating that which is useful for each context. We look forward to working together with others in an ongoing circulation.

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